About MacRetro.......
MacRetro was conceived because current sites about emulation concentrate on either emulators or games, but not on bringing them together. This site tries to bundle (links to) games, emulation, game culture and the love for games, next to links to magazines, emulation sites and other things.

MacRetro is Rick Lindeman's initiative. He was born when Space Invaders ruled the world. He got his first computer (a Commodore 64/128 when Fort Apocalypse, Blue Thunder and BeachHead were the games to be played. He wrote an article about this phase for Way of the Rodent.

His puberty was wasted on Sensible Soccer on his Amiga. In the meantime he bought his first Retro Computer, a Philips G7000. He studied on his Mac Se/30. Starting in 2001, he had to work on a Thinkpad.

On his iMac he can relive those times, by the means of Emulation. This site is created on an iMac g4, 1 Ghz, 768 Mb with Panther OS. He uses Taco HTML, Photoshop, Rapidweaver, Cooltext.com etc.
MacRetro is meant to strengthen both the feelings for and knowledge about Videogames. The site is neither responsible nor liable for the sites it links to. Downloading roms which are not the property of the downloaders is illegal, when those roms aren't released as abandonware.
Commodore 64, Mac Se/30, Super Nintendo, Amiga 500, Gameboy, Atari Jaguar, Nintendo 64, Gamecube, Imac G4, Vectrex. Nintendo DS

p.s. He did some other things too, see this site. 
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