The gameboy was brought in to the Market by Nintendo in 1989. In 1980s Nintendo already had Ganme & Watch one-game handhelds, and now could use her supply of
NES games for the Gameboy. It wasn't an instant his, but succes came when the unit was bundled with Tetris. The Link-options made all schoolyards turn into great Tetris arenas.
The original Gameboy was grey with two pink buttons. Later a colored version arrived, and a lite-version with AAA-batteries. The Z80 processor (also Used in
Spectrum and MSX) and other specifications remained unchanged until 1997.
The competition was technical superior, but the Atari Lynx and Sega Game Gear were defeated by the Marketing of Mario. The Super Gameboy was launched in 1994 and allowed gameboy games to be played on the SNES, at times enhanced.

In 1997 Nintendo finally arrived with a color version of the Gameboy. It made sure the handheld remaind popular, especially because it was compatible with old games. True progess arrived with 2001's Gameboy Advance. This system can also emulate older systems and many people use flash-writes to transfer games to it. In 2003 the SP-edition was launched which made it more portable and improved the screened. This year, the Double Screen Nintendo will succeed the Gameboy.
In the near future the GBA/DS will face more stiff competition. Not only from the Sony portable Playstation, but from mobile phones like Nokia's NGage as well. Nintendo won't be able to enjoy its monopoly for a long tim