A gigantic Amount of games have been produced for the spectrum between 1982 and 1992. The favourits of the mythical magazine Your Sinclair were Rebel Star (pictured above, by Julian Gallop), the first popular strategic game and Deathchase (left), a game were one had to kill people on a motorbike. All can be downloaded at the World of Spectrum site. Permission for this has been granted by many original designers. Another very interesting sight is Retrospect, which developes new versions of classic Spectrumgames, like a beautiful version of the IsoMetric Platform-Puzzler Head-Over-Heals.

Top 10 Spectrum Games
1. Deathchase/Micromega
2. Rebelstar/Mythos Games
3. All Or Nothing/unknown
4. Stop The Express/unknown
5. Head Over Heels/Ocean
6. R-Type/Activision
7. The Sentinel/Firebird Gold
8. Rainbow Islands/Ocean
9. Boulderdash/Prism
10. TLL/unknown
The complete Top Hondred can be found on YS rock'n'roll years page, with a description of all the games.


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