A visitor of this site might know a lot about Apple's history. Apple's video game history is not that well known. Steve Jobs and Wozniak worked in the 70s at Atari and designed 1976's megahit Breakout. When Atari didn't want to invest in their home computer they started their own company: Apple. When the Apple II became a succes, many games followed, especially in the educational sector.

The Mac was always targeted at the business market, although introduced in a playful way by the legendary 1984-campaign. Games were developed though, mainly ports of succesful PC-games, like Railroad Tycoon. Because there weren't that many commercial developers of Apple-games. the shareware scene thrived. Apple did support specific MacGames though, es
pecially after the introduction of the iMac in 1997. The iMac symbolised the new focus of the company on the consumer market.
Steve Jobs announced in 1999 that he thought about entering the console market. Halo, Bungie's then-new game would be the killer-app. Bungie had been one of the most important Mac-developers for years. Microsoft bought Bungie however. Some MacFreaks think this was to tease Apple. In reality though, they did it probably to develop more games for the X-Box. Halo didn't appear on the Mac until 2003.