In 1889 Nintendo was founded by Fusajiro Yamauchi. He started making playing cards. In 1959 this became a succes, because he bought a license from Walt Disney and could sell Mickey Mouse cards.
In 1975 Nintendo started looking at the videoindustry. Together with Mitsubishi they developed a game with a videorecorder as basis. From this coorperation they developed more games, including some with a microprocessor.
Donkey Kong signalled the entry of Nintendo into the arcade market. It was the best selling coin-op 1981. Four years later Nintendo entered the home market. The NES filled the void, left by Atari. It was bundled with Duckhunt and Gyromite, but it became succesful with Mario Bros. Its market share rose to 75%.

In 1991 the NES was succeeded by the SuperNES which dominated a large part of the market of early 90s with Zelda: a link to the past and Mariokart. In Japan it was known as the Super Famicom. IN 1993 it was given a new life by the SuperFX chip and title like Starfox.
After 1995 the market was taken over by the Sony Playstation. The Nintendo (Ultra) 64 and recently the Gamecude tried to compete, but could not dominate as in the old days. The Nintendo 64 had innovative 3D games like Mario 64, and probably the best good/bad games ratio, but still wasn't able to dominate. The cube continued the trend. Great things are now expected from the Revolution, with an innovative controller.