An incredible amount of games have been written for the Commodore 64. There might have been less Arcade conversions than the Atari had, but many new productions. Lovely examples were Fort Apocalypse (Pictured), a cave helicopter game, the classic fighter IK+ and the early race game pitstop. The Netherlands were active too, with Radarsoft. The created created typical dutch games, like the anti-nuclear game Hollanditis. Dutch adventures can be found on Nostalgie8.

On C64Games there is a list where people can vote for the best C64 games ever. The current list is:
1 (1) Great Giana Sisters, The
2 (2) Pirates!
3 (5) Impossible Mission
4 (3) Bubble Bobble
5 (6) Boulderdash
6 (9) Defender Of The Crown
7 (11) Elite
8 (4) Last Ninja 2, The
9 (7) Last Ninja, The
10 (12) Wizball
On there is a large games archive and on C64 Unlimited and The old computer site there are even more. Stadium 64 is a site dedicated to C64 sports games.