RG Issue 49

Top 25 beat 'em ups: Retro Gamer reveals the greatest brawlfests of all time. SF II fans, prepare to get very upset.
Top ten racers you've never heard of: Peeved by the selection in the recent top 25 racers, Stuart Campbell retaliates by revealed the best ten racers you've never heard of.
The making of Medieval: Find out how the creator of James Pond went from 2D to 3D
The making of Skweek and Super Skweek: He's the cutest character to come out of France. Find out about the genesis of the two Skweek games.
Complete history: Might and Magic: After 22 long years, Might and Magic remains as popular as ever. Discover what all the fuss is about.
Retroinspection: Best of British: Martyn Carroll proudly hoists the Union Flag and celebrates some of Britain's finest 8-bit computers.
Company Profile: Epyx: It was behind some of the best 8-bit sports games and also created the Lynx. Join us for an Epyx adventure.
The making of Pastfinder: Shoot 'em ups were ten a penny on 8-bit computers, but seldom did they match the brilliance of Pastfinder.
The making of Wizard: Discover what happened when a director who hated videogames teamed up with Nintendo.
And much, much more!

Best of British: see our all emulators list for the emulators of
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