Jan 2011

State of the nation

Dear readers, i know i haven’t done much on the site, but to be fair, there hasn’t been that much news. A few emulators (Richard Bannister’s e.g.) have been recompiled for universal binaries, but still not all. I had hope the intel processors would make it easier for people, but the ability to run windows seems to have halted most developments.

Some things

- Wine runs nows lots of dos/windows programs rather fine directly
- Sheepsaver is difficult to set up, but does let you run MacOs9 on your intel mac. See here for help:


- Snes 9x, Genesis plus are now universal

You can also find emu news here

Advance wars

Grim... has made a new advance wars like game, look here Space Cows

Earlier we had already an online version of the real game here..

Advance wars by web