Dec 2007

Retro Gamer new issue, Vic 20

A new issue of Retrogamer, with special attention for the Vic 20

Commodore VIC-20
To Emulate it on the mac, use
Power 20
It may have sported a low-resolution display, but Commodore's little VIC-20 still had plenty of great games.

Top 25 Atari 2600 Games
Starting up an atari 2600 collection? Want to know what the best games are? All the answers are here
For emulation, use

The Making of…
Rick Dangerous
Forget Lara Croft, it was Rick Dangerous who was Core Designs's first real action hero.
Box of Delights
Some compilations are born for greatness, others have the misfortune to feature 8-bit rubbish like Golden Axe…
Developer Lookback
In the first of a brand new three-part series we take a look back at the publishing behemoth Electronic Arts and find out how its evolved over the past 25 years.
The Making of…
It is arguably one of the greatest 8-bit movie conversion of all time, but just how difficult was it for Ocean to turn Robocop into a hit videogame? Gary Bracey has the answers.
The Making of…
California Games
In an effort to shake off the winter cold, Retro Gamer interviews the team behind the excellent California Games
The Big Interview
The Arks of Atari
Some of the 2600's biggest developers chat to Retro Gamer about what life was like at Atari.
The Making of…
'Professor' Brian Moriarty discusses the creation of Loom and why it stands apart from other adventure games.
Plus much more including
Collector's Corner, Express Raider, Superman, Jackal, Rampage, Chase HQ II, Desert Island Disks, Contra 4, Bulderdash Rocks, Konami Arcade Classics

Spectrum widget

For your dashboard, knew it for some time but forgot to mention it, ideal for a quick game, e.g. of Cracker, the Eurogamer christmas gift i mentioned, you can find the widget here


As I could iceskate in front fo my door today, it is time to give some attention to wintersports. Stadium 64 is the site for all sports games on the C64. It has a special section devoted to wintersports.

Me skating

Winter games C64. The C64 is easily emulated on the Mac with Power 64

And today Nintendo released the Icehockey game Blades of Steel for the Virtual Console and Eurogamer gives away a special ZX Spectrum christmas game, Cracker

Games in concert

On december 8th the second edition of Games in Concert is in Utrecht's Vredenburg music centre. Here the Mario Bros theme performed by the Metropole Orchestra last year

New issue Retrogamer: ZX81

Feedback Thread
The Making of NiGHTS: Into Dreams
We go behind the scenes and discover the fascinating creation of one of the Sega Saturn's greatest games.
The Making of Raiders of the Lost Ark
It's arguably one of gaming's earliest film licences, but what made this Atari 2600 hit so special?
Arcade Inspection - Taito F-Board Series
Mike bevan takes an in-depth look at the boards that powered some of Taito's greatest arcade games.
The Big Feature - Pinball Spinoffs
In a break from his definitives, Stuart Campbell uncovers the arcade classics that were converted into pinball tables.
Christmas Special
With Christmas just around the corner there's never been a better time to see how the holiday season has affected the world of videogames.
The Making of Treasure Island Dizzy
With Dizzy proving to be a slow-burning hit, the Oliver twins soon found themselves working on a sequel. The twins reveal the difficulties on making the anticipated follow-up.
Retroinspection - Sinclair ZX81
It may have shipped with a paltry 1K, but there was still plenty to shout about if you owned Sir Clive's machine.
The Making of the Strike Franchise
Part blaster, part strategy title, EA's Strike games had something for everyone.
The Big Interview - Rings of Saturn
Single format mags weren’t always bad. So join us as we meet the crew of the official Sega Saturn Magazine.
And much more including.
Skate or Die, Battle Garegga, Dark Castle, Zoo Keeper, Buggy Boy,Road Rash,The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

The only ZX81 on the Mac is provided by the complicated