Apr 2008


I added a Dreamcast page, as there might be DC emulation soon.

RG Issue 50

Congrat RG on your 50th issue.

This time about the Dreamcast. There is no good Dreamcast emulator for the Mac yet. Still LXDream, a Linux based Dreamcast emulator is working on OSX support (probably intel macs only though)

The Dream Machine: Find out why Sega's innovative console didn't stop the Japanese giant from crashing out of the hardware race.
The history of... Grand Theft Auto: one of gaming history's coolest franchises charted.
The making of... Retro Gamer: Martyn Carroll looks back at the making of the original version of the magazine.
Reader special: your favourite gaming moments.
Zombie Nation: Sega's popular series, The House of the Dead, investigated.
Desert Island Disks: Celebrity special!
The making of... Gunstar Heroes: Retro Gamer talks to Treasure about one of its most influential 16-bit shooters.
The big interview: Roger Dean, cover artist for many classic Amiga titles, designer of the Tetris logo, and more, talks to Craig Grannell about his work.
The making of... Great Giana Sisters: Manfred Trenz talks about the C64 game that made Nintendo very angry indeed.

RG Issue 49

Top 25 beat 'em ups: Retro Gamer reveals the greatest brawlfests of all time. SF II fans, prepare to get very upset.
Top ten racers you've never heard of: Peeved by the selection in the recent top 25 racers, Stuart Campbell retaliates by revealed the best ten racers you've never heard of.
The making of Medieval: Find out how the creator of James Pond went from 2D to 3D
The making of Skweek and Super Skweek: He's the cutest character to come out of France. Find out about the genesis of the two Skweek games.
Complete history: Might and Magic: After 22 long years, Might and Magic remains as popular as ever. Discover what all the fuss is about.
Retroinspection: Best of British: Martyn Carroll proudly hoists the Union Flag and celebrates some of Britain's finest 8-bit computers.
Company Profile: Epyx: It was behind some of the best 8-bit sports games and also created the Lynx. Join us for an Epyx adventure.
The making of Pastfinder: Shoot 'em ups were ten a penny on 8-bit computers, but seldom did they match the brilliance of Pastfinder.
The making of Wizard: Discover what happened when a director who hated videogames teamed up with Nintendo.
And much, much more!

Best of British: see our all emulators list for the emulators of
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