Games in concert

On december 8th the second edition of Games in Concert is in Utrecht's Vredenburg music centre. Here the Mario Bros theme performed by the Metropole Orchestra last year

Free Download of Trigger Happy

Steven Poole's Trigger Happy is now available as a free download

Shoot'em up documentary

Maybe the most classic genre there is, the Shoot'em up, here in a great french documentary. Interviews with Cave and Grev, lots about Treasure and the other greats. Documentary Link.
Also added a Shmups page in the Genre section

Worst ST game ever?

World of stuart favourite Dr. A, reviewed the worst ST game ever here

More about emulating the gem, on the Atari ST Page

On the Edge

Just a tip for Commodore lovers, the New On the Edge bood tells the whole story about the spectacular rise and fall of the big C=.
More info

15 years of Sonic

A nice little movie of Sonic's history. more about sonic on the Sega pages

Retrogamer relaunched

The English retrogamer magazine has relaunched, see their new site