Flight control

flight control.jpg

Just look how beautifiul that screen looks.
It is from a game,with a 50s look
It is not retro but looks and feels that way
Stewarddesses aboard planes you have to land.
Many airplanes.
And then they crash.
Then it is over.

Maybe it is because i was born so near Schiphol
But It's more addicting than crack, flight control
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Pinball Dreams

The people at cowboy rodeo made Amiga classic pinball dreams for the iPhone!


Other tips for classic games: iShoot (scorched Tanx/Worms) , GW Helmet (free one in a series of Game & Watch clones), Bomber online (Bomberman) and MacMan (jailbreaked Pacman CE)


I created a special page for emulation on the iPhone, it works lovely, especially for Advance Wars,


I bought an iphone, so expect a working I phone section soon, GBA and Nes emulation are great.

jailbreaked my iphone this morning after upgrading to 2.1, then installed gpSPhone using the Cydia app provided, then connecting via SFTP and putting the bios in and then gameboy advance ahoy, i just connected my mac to 192.168.0.my-iphones ipnumber and can copy roms over, it works far better then i though, just been playing metal slug advance