Sep 2008


I bought an iphone, so expect a working I phone section soon, GBA and Nes emulation are great.

jailbreaked my iphone this morning after upgrading to 2.1, then installed gpSPhone using the Cydia app provided, then connecting via SFTP and putting the bios in and then gameboy advance ahoy, i just connected my mac to ipnumber and can copy roms over, it works far better then i though, just been playing metal slug advance


Retrogamer asked me to tell something about emulating the C16, commodores failed semi follow up (better basic, less mem) to the C64

I think there are three ways.

1. you can download macmess (at called messmenu)
you have to download a c16 bios, and leave that as a zipfile in the rom directory of mac mess (just like mame)
e.g. here:

d64 files work*, do select the box with load floppydisk, (i've got an older version which actually is easier which is called mess.carbon.
*the file format is d64, the c16 shares the diskstructure with the c64

2. there has recently been a build of a windows c16emu remade for intel macs, see here

3. you can play lots of c16 games online here: