Aug 2007

Gravity Power


I made a cd32 combatible ISO for Gravity Power, a great freeware two player game, the ultimate duelling game for champions. On the gravity page, you can find an overview of lots of games where gravity was an important factor

The makers officially sanctioned it and mentioned it on their homepage!

You can find the ISO here

Mame OSX

There's a new conversion of Mame, up todate to 0.118, with a nice iPhoto like front end, it will probably replace MacMame in the end.


The best Sony ad ever

Is this late 90s playstation commericial (updated 10/2/8)

Worst ST game ever?

World of stuart favourite Dr. A, reviewed the worst ST game ever here

More about emulating the gem, on the Atari ST Page

Game Gear

Retro gamer has an inspection of the game game gear.

The Gamegear was Sega's answer to the Gameboy, it was a great little system, essentially a portable master system. Its downside was a bad battery life.

You can play many gamegear games online on the site of everyvideogameever

The SMS emulator for the master system emulates game gear games as well


There was some discussion at the World of Stuart forum about emulators for the Apple II, in the end, consensus was reached OSXII was the best, so I added that to the Apple II page


Wasn't playable on the site for a while, now it is again
PacMan page

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On the Edge

Just a tip for Commodore lovers, the New On the Edge bood tells the whole story about the spectacular rise and fall of the big C=.
More info

NES Emulation on the iPhone

The I-Phone now gets emulators too, as homebrew now is possible.

A nes emulator! No sounds yet, and I wonder how a touchscreen plays but it just looks lovely

New speccy emulator

There is a new spectrum emulator, ZXSP, looks quite tasty

For those of you with a DS, and a flashcard, don't for get the great SpeccyDS


MacRetro has a new URL:

PC Engine Emulator

This month Retro gamer has a special about the PC Engine
PCengine Page
PC Engine emulator
PC Engine
You can play many PC Engine games online at