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Atari ST

Retrogamer had an Atari ST special last month (58). Please note that the best game on the Atair ST according to them, Oids, was developed for the classic Mac as well. An OS X version was made too by Xavagus.

RG issue 56

C16 special, as predicted 2 weeks ago
Feedback thread


Retrogamer asked me to tell something about emulating the C16, commodores failed semi follow up (better basic, less mem) to the C64

I think there are three ways.

1. you can download macmess (at macmess.org called messmenu)
you have to download a c16 bios, and leave that as a zipfile in the rom directory of mac mess (just like mame)
e.g. here: http://www.planetemu.net/index.php?section=roms&dat=638&action=showrom&id=846225

d64 files work*, do select the box with load floppydisk, (i've got an older version which actually is easier which is called mess.carbon.
*the file format is d64, the c16 shares the diskstructure with the c64

2. there has recently been a build of a windows c16emu remade for intel macs, see here http://sourceforge.net/project/showfiles.php?group_id=192837&package_id=244400

3. you can play lots of c16 games online here: http://plus4.emucamp.com/playonline.htm

RG Issue 50

Congrat RG on your 50th issue.

This time about the Dreamcast. There is no good Dreamcast emulator for the Mac yet. Still LXDream, a Linux based Dreamcast emulator is working on OSX support (probably intel macs only though)

The Dream Machine: Find out why Sega's innovative console didn't stop the Japanese giant from crashing out of the hardware race.
The history of... Grand Theft Auto: one of gaming history's coolest franchises charted.
The making of... Retro Gamer: Martyn Carroll looks back at the making of the original version of the magazine.
Reader special: your favourite gaming moments.
Zombie Nation: Sega's popular series, The House of the Dead, investigated.
Desert Island Disks: Celebrity special!
The making of... Gunstar Heroes: Retro Gamer talks to Treasure about one of its most influential 16-bit shooters.
The big interview: Roger Dean, cover artist for many classic Amiga titles, designer of the Tetris logo, and more, talks to Craig Grannell about his work.
The making of... Great Giana Sisters: Manfred Trenz talks about the C64 game that made Nintendo very angry indeed.

RG Issue 49

Top 25 beat 'em ups: Retro Gamer reveals the greatest brawlfests of all time. SF II fans, prepare to get very upset.
Top ten racers you've never heard of: Peeved by the selection in the recent top 25 racers, Stuart Campbell retaliates by revealed the best ten racers you've never heard of.
The making of Medieval: Find out how the creator of James Pond went from 2D to 3D
The making of Skweek and Super Skweek: He's the cutest character to come out of France. Find out about the genesis of the two Skweek games.
Complete history: Might and Magic: After 22 long years, Might and Magic remains as popular as ever. Discover what all the fuss is about.
Retroinspection: Best of British: Martyn Carroll proudly hoists the Union Flag and celebrates some of Britain's finest 8-bit computers.
Company Profile: Epyx: It was behind some of the best 8-bit sports games and also created the Lynx. Join us for an Epyx adventure.
The making of Pastfinder: Shoot 'em ups were ten a penny on 8-bit computers, but seldom did they match the brilliance of Pastfinder.
The making of Wizard: Discover what happened when a director who hated videogames teamed up with Nintendo.
And much, much more!

Best of British: see our all emulators list for the emulators of
british computers

Atari Micro Computers

RG 47 has a special about the Atari 800, so here some instructions

Emulating Atari Micro Computers

(1) Download Rainbow

(2) Find some games, for instance at the Atari 800 tribute

(3) Start, select a game and yeah!

RG 47

They mentioned this site again, so let's return the favour. Official Feedback thread

The Complete History of Elite; It’s one of the most infuential games of all time, but what was the inspiration behind Elite? Retro Gamer investigates…
The Making of Chip's Challenge ;Discover how the talented folks at Epyx created one of the Lynx’s best puzzle games.
Developer Lookback Electronic Arts Part 2
Part two of our three-part feature looks back at what Electronic Arts was up to in the Nineties.
The Making of Berzerk ;We go behind the scenes of one of gaming’s earliest run-‘n’-gun games. Stern’s excellent Berzerk.
In the Chair with Will Wright;Sim Genius Will Wright takes a break from his highly anticipated Spore to talk to Retro Gamer about his contributions to the industry
The Big Feature Fruit Machine Spin-Offs: If you were one of the few people that felt Pinball games had no place in Retro Gamer, you’re going to love our new fruit machine feature. Well, you won’t, but it is really good
The Making of Magic Carpet;We take a look at Bullfrog’s brilliant ahead-of-its-time first-person shooter
Retroinspection : Atari 800XL ;Atari’s underachieving 8-bit home computer, that is still influencing computers today, gets a once over
Top 25 Racers of all time ;Retro Gamer lists the top retro racing games ever. How many have you got in your collection?
And much more including Ristar, Terminator 2, Pokemon Snap, Scramble and some other stuff that I can't check because our copies haven't come in yet.

Wonderswan tips

Updated the Wonderswan page with some tips from RG

1. Judgement silversword..Shmup..in tate mode!
2. Gunpey
3. Mr Driller
4. klonda, platformer with interesting switching perspective from horizontla vertical
5. Rhyme Rider - Rhytm Action, Colourful
6. one piece - 2d fighter
7. Ganso - Arcade ninja classic
8. Rainbow Island Putty's party.. Rainbow islands with a female lead.
9. Tane Wo Maku Tori -Guiding falling raindrop arcade puzler
10. Gundam Operation UC - Scrolling Shooter.

and the
Densha de Go version on it sold incredibly well.

Retro Gamer new issue, Vic 20

A new issue of Retrogamer, with special attention for the Vic 20

Commodore VIC-20
To Emulate it on the mac, use
Power 20
It may have sported a low-resolution display, but Commodore's little VIC-20 still had plenty of great games.

Top 25 Atari 2600 Games
Starting up an atari 2600 collection? Want to know what the best games are? All the answers are here
For emulation, use

The Making of…
Rick Dangerous
Forget Lara Croft, it was Rick Dangerous who was Core Designs's first real action hero.
Box of Delights
Some compilations are born for greatness, others have the misfortune to feature 8-bit rubbish like Golden Axe…
Developer Lookback
In the first of a brand new three-part series we take a look back at the publishing behemoth Electronic Arts and find out how its evolved over the past 25 years.
The Making of…
It is arguably one of the greatest 8-bit movie conversion of all time, but just how difficult was it for Ocean to turn Robocop into a hit videogame? Gary Bracey has the answers.
The Making of…
California Games
In an effort to shake off the winter cold, Retro Gamer interviews the team behind the excellent California Games
The Big Interview
The Arks of Atari
Some of the 2600's biggest developers chat to Retro Gamer about what life was like at Atari.
The Making of…
'Professor' Brian Moriarty discusses the creation of Loom and why it stands apart from other adventure games.
Plus much more including
Collector's Corner, Express Raider, Superman, Jackal, Rampage, Chase HQ II, Desert Island Disks, Contra 4, Bulderdash Rocks, Konami Arcade Classics

New issue Retrogamer: ZX81

Feedback Thread
The Making of NiGHTS: Into Dreams
We go behind the scenes and discover the fascinating creation of one of the Sega Saturn's greatest games.
The Making of Raiders of the Lost Ark
It's arguably one of gaming's earliest film licences, but what made this Atari 2600 hit so special?
Arcade Inspection - Taito F-Board Series
Mike bevan takes an in-depth look at the boards that powered some of Taito's greatest arcade games.
The Big Feature - Pinball Spinoffs
In a break from his definitives, Stuart Campbell uncovers the arcade classics that were converted into pinball tables.
Christmas Special
With Christmas just around the corner there's never been a better time to see how the holiday season has affected the world of videogames.
The Making of Treasure Island Dizzy
With Dizzy proving to be a slow-burning hit, the Oliver twins soon found themselves working on a sequel. The twins reveal the difficulties on making the anticipated follow-up.
Retroinspection - Sinclair ZX81
It may have shipped with a paltry 1K, but there was still plenty to shout about if you owned Sir Clive's machine.
The Making of the Strike Franchise
Part blaster, part strategy title, EA's Strike games had something for everyone.
The Big Interview - Rings of Saturn
Single format mags weren’t always bad. So join us as we meet the crew of the official Sega Saturn Magazine.
And much more including.
Skate or Die, Battle Garegga, Dark Castle, Zoo Keeper, Buggy Boy,Road Rash,The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

The only ZX81 on the Mac is provided by the complicated

New issue Retrogamer: Master System

The new issue of Retrogamer is out

MacRetro is mentioned in the issue as a great retro site! (see page 107). I do wonder if Robotron is a run a gun game though, as i write about in my new Run and Gun page. Comments? Go to their comments thread

Complete History DOOM
Prepare to get scared senseless as Retro Gamer looks back at one of gaming's most terrifying franchises
Classic Game
Spy Hunter
Move over James Bond, because we've found a spy theme tune that's even better than yours
The Making of… Rescue on Fractalus
Find out how a failed Star Wars pitch turned into a monstrous hit and helped launch LucasArts
Conversion Capers :Green Beret
It's a well known arcade hit from the Eighties, but how was it converted to the Speccy? Retro Gamer investigates
Run N Gun Special
There's an insane number of classic run n gun titles available, but which ones are worth your actual time? Retro Gamer has the answers
The Making of… Populous
It's one of Bullfrog's most popular games and helped launch a brand new genre: the god sim. Retro Gamer talks to its creators and finds out how it all began
The Making of… James Pond trilogy
Prepare for plenty of bad puns as Retro Gamer investigates the puntastic James Pond trilogy
Desert Island Disks :Rob Fulop
From creating Atari coin-op conversions for the Atari 2600 to creating desktop cats and dogs. Meet Rob Fulop

Retroinspection: Master System
Nintendo's NES may have dominated the 8-bit market, but Sega wasn't willing to go down without a fight.

It is really easy to emulate, using one of Richard Bannister's great emulators, SMS Plus, which you can find here. This emulator also emulates the Game Gear, which internally very similar. You just start the emulator, find a game and off yougo. Default keys are Shift, Option (I/II), Enter (Start) and the cursor keys.

PC Engine Emulator

This month Retro gamer has a special about the PC Engine
PCengine Page
PC Engine emulator
PC Engine
You can play many PC Engine games online at

Snes Emulation

This month's Retro Gamer has a snes special. On the SNES page you can find more details.
You can find an emulator
here. Just open the disk image and copy it to your applicationfolder and start it. Simply select a rom to play a game. Controls are configurable, and together with usboverdrive can be mapped to your joyppad or x-arcade.
Games are at
planet emu.net (which you may only use when you have the original rom)

Emulating the Atari VCS 2600

This month RG has a special about the Atari 2600. Emulating it is easy.

(1) Download Stella, the VCS 2600 emulator from here

(2) Find some games, for instance from the Old Computer

(3) Start the Emulator, find a Rom, and...

presto! The standard keys are the cursor keys and the space bar

The game on the picture is INV+, a game i recommend to everybody. The original Space Invaders might have been a killer APP for the Atari VCS 2600 in 1980, Eric Mooney wanted to make a conversion of SI with 11 invaders on a row, and he did. You can find more information about it here. To play Space Invaders online, go to this page within MacRetro

Emulating the Neo Geo Pocket

This month Retro Gamer has a special about the Neo Geo Pocket. This is a great little handheld device. Mac Users can emulate this gem as well.

1. You can find the emulator at the site of Richard Bannister

2. Planet Emu has lots of games for the Neo Geo Pocket
(note: probably you will have to own the original to play a rom)

3. The emulator works simple, You download it as a disk image. When it opens, you just install it by copying it into Applications, and just running the App.

5. When you start the programme, you can just select a game you have downloaded, Keys are set to the cursor, shift and option keys.

e voila...