New issue Retrogamer: Master System

The new issue of Retrogamer is out

MacRetro is mentioned in the issue as a great retro site! (see page 107). I do wonder if Robotron is a run a gun game though, as i write about in my new Run and Gun page. Comments? Go to their comments thread

Complete History DOOM
Prepare to get scared senseless as Retro Gamer looks back at one of gaming's most terrifying franchises
Classic Game
Spy Hunter
Move over James Bond, because we've found a spy theme tune that's even better than yours
The Making of… Rescue on Fractalus
Find out how a failed Star Wars pitch turned into a monstrous hit and helped launch LucasArts
Conversion Capers :Green Beret
It's a well known arcade hit from the Eighties, but how was it converted to the Speccy? Retro Gamer investigates
Run N Gun Special
There's an insane number of classic run n gun titles available, but which ones are worth your actual time? Retro Gamer has the answers
The Making of… Populous
It's one of Bullfrog's most popular games and helped launch a brand new genre: the god sim. Retro Gamer talks to its creators and finds out how it all began
The Making of… James Pond trilogy
Prepare for plenty of bad puns as Retro Gamer investigates the puntastic James Pond trilogy
Desert Island Disks :Rob Fulop
From creating Atari coin-op conversions for the Atari 2600 to creating desktop cats and dogs. Meet Rob Fulop

Retroinspection: Master System
Nintendo's NES may have dominated the 8-bit market, but Sega wasn't willing to go down without a fight.

It is really easy to emulate, using one of Richard Bannister's great emulators, SMS Plus, which you can find here. This emulator also emulates the Game Gear, which internally very similar. You just start the emulator, find a game and off yougo. Default keys are Shift, Option (I/II), Enter (Start) and the cursor keys.