RG 47

They mentioned this site again, so let's return the favour. Official Feedback thread

The Complete History of Elite; It’s one of the most infuential games of all time, but what was the inspiration behind Elite? Retro Gamer investigates…
The Making of Chip's Challenge ;Discover how the talented folks at Epyx created one of the Lynx’s best puzzle games.
Developer Lookback Electronic Arts Part 2
Part two of our three-part feature looks back at what Electronic Arts was up to in the Nineties.
The Making of Berzerk ;We go behind the scenes of one of gaming’s earliest run-‘n’-gun games. Stern’s excellent Berzerk.
In the Chair with Will Wright;Sim Genius Will Wright takes a break from his highly anticipated Spore to talk to Retro Gamer about his contributions to the industry
The Big Feature Fruit Machine Spin-Offs: If you were one of the few people that felt Pinball games had no place in Retro Gamer, you’re going to love our new fruit machine feature. Well, you won’t, but it is really good
The Making of Magic Carpet;We take a look at Bullfrog’s brilliant ahead-of-its-time first-person shooter
Retroinspection : Atari 800XL ;Atari’s underachieving 8-bit home computer, that is still influencing computers today, gets a once over
Top 25 Racers of all time ;Retro Gamer lists the top retro racing games ever. How many have you got in your collection?
And much more including Ristar, Terminator 2, Pokemon Snap, Scramble and some other stuff that I can't check because our copies haven't come in yet.